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LightSpeed, an Awesome Addition to Your Treadmill!

Did you know that treadmills can be one of the most therapeutic machines for someone who is trying to re-gain mobility? But we aren’t talking ordinary treadmills here. We are looking at some new breakthroughs that have allowed treadmills to become such an important part of the rehabilitation process. They are starting to rival the power of Rebounders for therapy tools. Today I’ll talk about one of the neatest new inventions that I have seen in a little while.

The LightSpeed was developed to supplement your treadmill. This is really a cool thing, because no matter what type of treadmill you currently own, this contraption will make a great addition to it. You may feel a little weird stepping into the spandex shorts attached to bungees, but once you start running you will notice a major difference.

The LightSpeed reduces the weight of your body hitting the treadmill, so you are magically 20-25 lbs lighter when you use it. The benefits of this type of equipment include: less wear and tear on your joints, muscle training to increase speed which leads to a better cardio workout, and assisting in the healing process of any torn or injured muscles.

Overall the LightSpeed is a really cool addition to any home gym, and it is also one of the most affordable ways to begin rehab in your own home. It retails at under $2,000, which is quite the deal when you start looking around at similar equipment available. Now, you will have to own a treadmill to be able to use it. Unless you want to look like a baby in one of those bouncer seats, which might actually be kind of fun too.

So if you need to increase your speed, stamina, or joint health, be sure to check out the LightSpeed Website. But be careful, you may become addicted to running, if you aren’t already!