Body Weight Exercises

Body weight exercises are the perfect way to build strength and lose fat. They are a great type of exercise to do in conjunction with cardio exercise. Lifting weights at the gym will isolate muscles and create a bulky shape, but they are not really functional muscles. If you are working the same muscles, with body weight exercises you will actually be working your entire body from the very core. Body weight exercises work your core muscles and affect every part of the body.

You probably already know the exercises that you can start doing, but do you really know how much of an impact these will have on your body. The push up for example, this is a very popular exercise used to build some pectoral muscle, but it also affects your abdomen, back, and does a great deal for your triceps and deltoids. You can even add to these already very beneficial exercises by doing modified push ups Each body weight exercise is going to be a compound exercises that reverberates through your entire body. So if you want functional strength and a lean and mean look, you want to do these kinds of exercises.

Squats are a good full body exercise too, effecting everything from your mid back on down. If you practice the ancient Hindu squat jump you will develop a very high vertical jump. These are easier than they sound. All you do is squat down, and once you hit the low point of your squat jump as high as you can, upon landing slowly lower yourself back into squat and repeat. This is a body weight exercise that doubles as a plyometric routine. Plyometric workouts exercise muscle control, rather than muscle strength.

So this is a very powerful exercise for all of you that want to run faster, jump higher, or even kick harder. Doing weighted squats is going to pack muscle and increase your ability to hold weight on your shoulders while you squat, but it won’t help you to run, jump or kick any better. Pull ups are basically the opposite of squats, what squats do for your lower body pull ups will do for your upper body. As long as you hold to good form you can get devastating effects from your lower abdomen all the way to your shoulders.

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