Hiking & Exercise

Hiking is one of the most rewarding exercises that you can participate in.

Hike out in nature!There is so much to see around when you stop to look. Even the most mundane towns and cities have some sort of trail to at least walk on. Even better is if the area you live in has a national or state park. Utilize places like this. There is just something amazing about getting to the end of that trail to see what countless others have deemed worthwhile enough to build a trail to. Research on the web about trails in your area or ask some friends about trails. You may be impressed with how many different trails you will be able to find. The great thing about all these areas you never knew about is that a lot of times the landscape is dramatically different then your last trail you went on. Exploring your region can be fun, rewarding, and a great way to get in some exercise in. Hiking a mountain or any steep hills can burn 5 times as many calories as walking on a flatter trail. Just be a little careful on the way back down. Researchers from the University of Essex have found that hiking out in nature can reduce depression 70% of people whereas walking in a shopping center can actually increase depression for 20% of people.

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