Running is a Cheap Way to Work Out!

Though there are some high costs associated with running, there are so many benefits that they certainly outweigh the costs in the long run. Here is a pretty cool infographic  put together by the Treadmill Review Guru, going over the costs of running.

costs of being a runner

By Treadmill Review Guru

So yes, there are many costs involved if you want to become a serious runner. But a treadmill is a huge part of that cost. Without making that big purchase, you can work out for far less. The only reason that you may want to make the investment in a treadmill is if you live in a place with a very drastic climate. If the summers are extremely hot, or the winters are extremely cold, you are more likely to get sick and/or injured if you take your run outside. If you decide to stop running during inclement weather, then you are hurting your training. So for certain areas, treadmills are definitely recommended. But if you can get away with not having one, all the more power to you!

Running is a sport that doesn’t require a lot of equipment. Sports such as basketball, baseball, swimming, and football all require specific areas in order to participate in them correctly. You can bet your bottom dollar that a swimming pool is going to break the bank faster than your treadmill will. There are also specific shoes, clothing items, and equipment associated with each sport so keep those in mind. Also, the risk of injury is just as high or sometimes higher for other sports. So if you compare running to other sports, it is one of the cheapest options out there. It certainly is cheaper than sitting, which is killing you and will cause your medical bills to go way up over the long run. There are just so many health benefits associated with a nice long run!

So if you are worried about the costs of getting into shape, just keep running! You will not regret it, and it’s a great sport to get involved in, especially for those on a limited budget!

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