2012’s Top 4 Ways to Reinvigorate Your Mind

These days people live in a semi-virtual type of existence.  Presumably you are just perusing fitness articles in between time spent facebooking, texting, and periodically gazing out the window.   Now days it is very easy to forget that there is more to the world than fits inside our windowsill frame.  Luckily for you we will tell you exactly how to go about reinvigorating your mind, and we will do it in four easy steps.

Reinvigorate your mind like she does.


  • 1 Connect with Nature

It is said that the mind is governed by perceptions of reality that are all taken from sensations absorbed from external stimuli.  In other words, what you see, hear, smell, taste and feel are all going to attribute to the thoughts that you think.  It makes sense that your mind would only consist of thoughts learned through perception.  Now day’s people spend a lot of time in front of a computer screen, on social networking sites.  If I were Tyler Durden I would say something like “You are not the amount of friends you have, you are not your clever status update, and you are not the amount of likes you get”.

Though internet blogging and social networking is very fun, it is very therapeutic and enlightening to get outside and actually connect with nature mono e mono, man to man or more appropriately man to nature.  Exposing yourself to a different set of external stimuli is scientifically proven to give you a new perspective, stimulate your senses, and raise cognitive awareness.


  • 2 Eat Healthy Invigorating Super-Food

Good nutrition is the key. The food you eat is the fuel your body is going to use.  If you are a normal person you probably make the same clandestine midnight trips to McDonalds to get a hamburger and some fries, and perhaps you even hide the evidence.  Admit it, I find it hard to believe I am the only one that does this.

There are a few things that food does for the body: provides satisfaction, offers burnable calories, and delivers sustainable nutrition (most foods anyway).  Fast food is not going to do two of these three things.  If you really want to reinvigorate your mind you need to get nutrients from the foods you eat.

There are chemicals that directly influence cognition in the brain.  For example Sodium (Na) found in salt and potassium (K) popularly found in bananas, are going be used in synapse throughout the brain, that is when information is passed from one brain cell to another which creates cognitive thought.

Elemental components of nutrients, for your viewing pleasure


  • 3 Exercise Your Body

The body needs to undergo some physical strains every now and again; resistance is the key to development.  Imagine if you never had to exert yourself in your entire life, you would be very similar to the way you were back as an infant.  Resistance is the catalyst that creates development, not only in the physical aspect of things either it is the same for the emotional state of being and mental state of being too.

Obviously you have to exercise to become stronger, and you have to study to learn, and you won’t ever understand complex emotions unless you experience them. But, interestingly enough, physical exercise is directly correlated to healthy cognition.

Remember we talked about nutrition for like half a second back in bullet number 2.  Well it is the hearts job to pump these nutrients through the body and to the brain, and to make it easier on your heart all you have to do is a little bit of cardio exercise.   The additional blood flow from your exercise is going to be pumped to your brain and will directly affect your mental acuity.


  • 4 Coach Yourself

    He is you, and his coach is also you.

These days it is very easy to go into auto-pilot, drive to school, listen to a lecture, go to work, get home and realize that you never once ever checked to see what the heck you were thinking throughout the day.

Do you want to stimulate your mind, this is a very effective an easy trick to implement upon yourself. Simply take a step back every now and then throughout your day and ask yourself “is this what you want to be doing?” Hopefully, your answer is yes.  If it is not you should be able to change your mind and start doing something more productive. Simply changing your perspective can be very enlightening and may help to motivate you to do new more progressive things.

At least that is the intended purpose of this technique. If you do not have enough self-discipline to choose to do productive activities, well maybe you need to get a coach who isn’t the same person as you. However, just becoming aware of yourself from an objective perspective will help to motivate you.

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