Apples and Exercise

Ok. I have been saying this from the get go, you have got to change your lifestyle if you want to see some physical changes.  That means you are going to have to start exercising more frequently, which means you are going to need energy to start exercising. DO NOT GO WITH CHEAP ENERGY.

Energy drinks will eventually kill you. But worse than that they are going to become addictive.  If you start your workouts with a Monstor or a Rockstar you will eventually notice that you naturally become tired without them. To me that is scary. I don’t want my energy level to be dependent on a drink.

Healthy foods though work opposite.  They increase your basal energy level rather than stimulating temporal energy.  So eat healthy foods when you need energy and you will notice you just feel better all the time.

Apples have tones of fiber and are packed with vitamin C. These are a great alternative to caffeine.  This will actually give you more energy in the morning than a cup of bitter black coffee. For real, try it.

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