Exercising your Stomach

six packA well defined abdomen is one of the most coveted muscle groups in our society. A ripped six pack is what everybody is after these days, but for some it’s a real struggle to achieve.

Most people do situps to exercise their stomach. These are very well known and very overused. Situps are simply lying on your back and sitting up and lying back down repeatedly and quickly. This does work your abdomen muscles, but only a few. It gets those 2 middle ones the most. In our abdomens we have 2 columns of 4 muscles each. Although it’s generally referred to as a “6-pack”, we all have eight muscles there, and if well exercised, we will have an 8 pack showing. Sit ups work the 4 middle muscles. It doesn’t get the top ones or the bottoms ones very well, nor does it get the side muscles, which, when defined, can be a great addition to your abs.

There are many other exercises you can do that will effectively work your entire core. Leg lefts are a great exercise for the bottom muscles of your abs. A variation of leg lifts are knee crunches. These are very effective in reaching those top 2 muscles of your abs that are hard to get at. To do these, simply lye on your back, bend your knees and lift them off the ground, and rather than pulling your head toward your knees, pull your knees toward your head or chest. You may need to put your arms out to give yourself some leverage. These really work your to two muscles well.

Try these out. Good Luck!

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