Get Creative With Your Push Ups

To get the most out of your exercise you need to get a little creative with them.  There are tons of different routines to practice.  Each time you switch up the routine you are exercising a different area of your muscles.  So switch the routine every week to keep your muscles developing in a healthy and natural way.

To  the left we have an example of Hindu Push ups.  These are killer because they put tension throughout the entire pectoral muscles.

Of course push ups are great full body workouts as well as pec exercises.  If performed with the proper technique they can tone the abs, tighten the buttocks and strengthen the back.

So try to mix in some one footed push ups and one armed push ups, doing these is going to really strengthen your core and help to develop strength.

The trick to getting in great shape is keeping it interesting for you and your muscles.  Doing the same routines is going to make the exercise boring, and your muscles will become accustomed to the routine and thus stop developing.  So what is the lesson to take from this little post.  GET CREATIVE WITH YOUR WORKOUTS. 

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