Having Fun While Rebounding

As is the case with many different exercises, it can get very boring simply repeating a motion over and over.  Of course, there is great wisdom in developing all the different muscles in the body through countless repetitive movements, but in all honesty, it can sometimes get old.


Rebounding is no exception.  As fun as it is to jump up and down on a mini-trampoline, or a rebounder, the simple fact that it is a repeated motion makes it, in some cases, somewhat undesirable.


However, there are many different techniques that can be employed so as to make jumping up and down on a trampoline a lot more entertaining.  Keep in mind though, this is the nature of exercise, sometimes it takes a little effort to push through these slow times.


First, one of the easiest ways to make working out on a rebounder a little more bearable is to simply watch television or listen to music while doing it.  Of course, this is painfully obvious, but it is a nice reminder that rebounders are very portable and can be situated right in front of the television.


Furthermore, music is a great way to make rebounding more exciting as certain types of genres of music can be reflected in the jumps that are being performed.  For example, for faster paced music quicker jumps so as to be on tempo with the music can make rebounding and exciting challenge.


Another silly way to make rebounding a whole lot more fun is to simply imagine different scenarios while rebounding.  One of the most obvious, yet perhaps one of the most fun scenarios to imagine is walking on the moon.


Think about it, every bounce is another bound towards discovering a new and exciting frontier.  Or even imagine, while jogging in place on the rebounder, being in the last leg of an Olympic marathon.


While it may sound silly, it is a plausible tactic to make the whole rebounding experience a lot more enjoyable.  Although, it is recommended that the use of sound effects and props should be something that is done only in the privacy of a basement or a family room with the shades drawn.


There are many different techniques that can be implored to make rebounding or any other type of exercise a little more bearable.  However, there is no substitute for a purpose and sheer grit and determination in times when the progress seems slow.

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