High intensity interval training: the and all be all, of weight loss exercise routines. Studies have shown that HIIT will burn up to three times more fat than traditional aerobic exercises. When we work in high intensity intervals we actually burn fat calories for a while after we have finished the exercise. Opposed to aerobic training where we just burn calories as we exercise. These HIIT routines are easy to do too.
Start with something you like to do, maybe it is biking, swimming, or running. Whatever it may be makes little difference. The trick is 2 minutes max 30 seconds rest. During those two minutes of high intensity you are either going to swim, bike or run as hard and as fast as you can. Afterward take a thirty second break so your heart doesn’t explode.
This method of exercise is going to burn calories much faster than any other type of routine possibly imaginable. Plus doing this is going to help build muscle too. If you are hitting the gym and trying to bulk up on muscle mass, adding this to your training routine will really help. Our muscles need a lot of blood flow to repair and rebuild muscle tissue, best way to get some good hard blood pumping is by HIIT.
Start doing some high intensity interval training today and watch your body and life change in a matter of weeks. Whether you are trying to lose weight, build muscle, or strengthen cardio then this method is for you. However give yourself a day’s rest after each HIIT workout. On rest days you can still go jogging to get that extra weight loss and muscle tone.

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