How to Maximize Sleep Benefits

I realize that this site is called Rise and Exercise, but this article is about what to do before you rise. One of my earlier articles I talked about the importance of routine, and that plays a big role in this important aspect of health as well. Sleep is one of the major factors in our overall performance. It has an enormous roll in helping us maintain a good attitude, phyiscal energy, and mental clarity.

The amount of sleep we get affects us much more than many of us realize. Society in general has not placed much emphasis on the importance of getting adequate amounts of sleep. Most of us do not receive the amount of sleep we need, and we suffer for it more than we know.

Sleep allows our minds and bodies to work at their full performance. Our bodies are amazing things, but we need to take care of them and recharge them in order to keep them fully functional. When we receive a full amount of sleep, which is around 8 – 9 hours per night, our minds can think clearly and quickly, soak in information and retain it, come up with new ideas, and reason things out. Our bodies can keep going without giving out as quickly, and our attitudes tend to be more motivated, and excited.

Lack of sleep does just the opposite. Our minds become dim and blurry, it’s hard to reason clearly, remember things, learn new things, or come up with ideas, our bodies don’t want to expend energy, and our attitudes are low, depressed, or frustrated. We compromise the quality of our lives when we deprive ourselves or our needed sleep. Whatever it is we’re doing that interferes with our sleep, it isn’t worth it. We need to set aside the time to get the sleep our bodies require.

The only sure way to do this is to set a fixed sleeping pattern and stick to it always. Don’t let anything get in the way. If we do this, our bodies will automatically adjust to the pattern and it will be easy to get to bed and rise up. It will make a more striking difference than we may realize. But we have to be consistent and diligent with it. It’s worth it.
Good luck with this!

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