I found a good gym

I never really thought that I would get a gym membership. I guess I had a misconception of the kind of people that go to gyms. Either that or I really changed who I am.

Anyways, I’ve been going to a really cool gym for several months now. I’m not the most dedicated weight trainer ever but I usually go a couple of times a week and I think that it is paying off. I’m sure if I started going more like I did when I first got my membership I could get even more results.

I think that anyone can get results. This website even advocates a good exercise program for the elderly.

I personally like my gym because, first off, it is relatively cheap. I just have a basic membership so I can’t use the tanning beds or the massage chairs, so that is kind of a bummer. However, the gym  is open almost 24/7 so I can get an hour or so in before bed or between classes or work pretty easily.

I haven’t been inside other gyms very much but I’m pretty sure I got a good deal with the gym I’m at. It doesn’t have the kind of atmosphere of a gym where you’d be intimidated by muscly guys in tank tops. That would suck. There are plenty of older people that are on the machines too. The machines and the entire facility are also extremely polished and professional as well. Even though there aren’t clones of Arnold walking around there you can definitely see lots of more average and down to earth people having a good time working out and getting some good results.

A friend of mine actually introduced me to the gym and it has been going pretty good for me. I recently made the decision to go more often so we’ll see how that works out over the holiday break.

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