Joshua Tree

This place is misleading, hearing the name Joshua Tree immediately makes me think of trees and  also of my friend Joshua.  First off I don’t know if there is actually a tree called the Joshua tree. I assume there might be, but it really doesn’t concern me enough to even deserve a Google search to find out.  However, I do know of a placed called in California called Joshua Tree and this places concerns me a great deal.  Not like I am concerned because this places is going to do something bad, but more like I am interested and affected by it.

Oh that's concerning

This place is a climbers paradise, one of those places that really makes me want to learn how to grab a boulder and traverse it, ya know.  No, just kidding I am an avid climber and a good one too.  However, I am sorry to say I have never been to Joshua tree, so I can’t tell you how the rock feels, whether or not it’s sandy or if it is going to tear your hands up. Furthermore I don’t know what the temperature is like down in California year round, so I can’t tell you if it is humid or hot or what not. But, from the looks of it people have a good time here.  California is a little far away for me to just up and trot on down to, but I do plan on running down there on some holiday weekend and making a climbing trip out of it.  When that time comes you can bet I will post a much more comprehensive blog about the place. Oh yeah, they have bouldering too.  So if you are a scaredy-cat and you are totally afraid of heights then you can work some dynamic problems.  Basically, I feel like i need to get myself on a rock soon.

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