Just Keep Running

When I first started running I was amazed at how fast I improved.  In the first month of training it is not so much a physical battle as it is a mental battle. I was surprised at how much harder I was able to push myself. The first 10k I did was an amazing experience.  Not only did I feel the rush of endorphin flood through my head, but I was also to the point where it seemed all my internal organs were about to shut down.   However, one step at a time it is very easy to keep going.

keep runningThe body is made to run.  Our ancestors have been running from wild beasts, natural disasters and even each other for a long time.  The body has physiologically adapted in such a way to make running and walking something easy for us to do.  The simple act of taking a step uses more than 200 muscles.  This is to prevent over exertion of any one specific muscle.  That means you won’t collapse on yourself after running for an hour, like you would if you attempted to do push-ups for an hour.

When taking it one step at a time you will find that you can actually continue on for a long while.  So here is my challenge to you.  Do not worry about speed, rather keep in mind time.  Try to run for at least thirty minutes. If you can do that, then try to run for an hour.  Push yourself as far as you can.

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