Kayaking – Healthy and Fun

KayakingOn TV or online we see a lot of fun things that other people do, and we think to ourselves, “hmm, that would be pretty fun.” But then we forget about it a few minutes later. Kayaking is one of those things for most people. However, most people don’t realize how cheap, easy, and fun kayaks really are.

You can get a kayak for a couple hundred bucks, and they require practically no maintenance, and no cost to use. You just take them out to a lake or a river, and Go! It is one of the cheapest sports out there. You can kayak across a glassy lake, where it is as peaceful and serene as a dream, or you can take it out to a raging river, and make it as exciting and intense as you can handle.

In addition to being fun and cheap, kayaking is a great exercise. The constant rowing of the paddles build up your arm muscles very well. On your first time out, you will realize how sore your muscles get. But soon, your muscles will build up to it, and you’ll be able to row for hours.

The only safety precautions would be to always wear a lifejacket, and when going to rivers with any rapids, make sure to wear a helmet, as the kayak can tip over and you could hit your head on a rock. Other than that it’s pretty well safe.

Try it out. Try something new. Get up early and go kayaking!

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