Make It Count With a Calander

Investing in a calendar was the best idea I ever had.  It cost approximately nine dollars, and that is because I wanted to get the one with the rock climbing pictures on it.  This single investment has impacted my health and fitness more than any other, but that may be because I have yet to buy a treadmill, elliptical, rebounder, or stationary bike.  You see, I believe in calisthenics and body weight resistance.  The best part about these is that they can be done without any external apparatus.  All it takes is a little motivation, and that is where the calendar comes into play.


Count days
Calender or insta-motivation-maker


Make a deal with yourself, everyday that you exercise you can cross off a day on your calender.  This allows you to keep track and kind of view your progress.  I like to use a big red sharpie personally, but if you prefer to use a dainty pencil to cross the days off that is fine, whatever suits your prerogative I suppose.  Simply having a single X to record your progress is something, and after just a couple days they start to add up quick.


So here is what you do.  Buy a calender, a sharpie,  and set up a fitness routine. I’ll provide the first one. Don’t worry it isn’t hard, each day has about a 10 minute workout.  It is a great little cardio routine to blast belly fat.

About every month you should switch up your routine. Perhaps you could take this one provided and tweak it a bit to get a little more resistance.


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