Make ‘Why’ The Heart of Exercise

I have been thinking a lot about the ‘why’ people should exercise. There are so many different methods to ‘how’ we should do it. The ‘where’ and ‘when’ do not change for most people, either at home or at the gym or in the park, not to much of a question their. Of course the ‘who’ is me and you. The ‘why’ though, that is the big question.

In our lives we try to quantify everything. We count calories, time miles, measure weights and take stats of everything we do so that we can see improvement. Though seeing results is fun and very motivating, I don’t think that is why we exercise.

I saw this diagram of the human body outlining the who, what, when, where, how, and why, and even though at the time it was outlining something completely non-health related, I found it very applicable. In fact, just for fun you can try applying this to anything, it is kind of fun.

The who, what, when, where, how, and why of exercise How of Exercise: How is the method used, whether you are going weight lift, run, cross train or what have you. 

When and Where: These are the hands that will carry you on your bath to fitness and a healthy lifestyle.  Make your when and where a set time and place, making your hands sturdy so to help you keep from slipping.

Who and What: Your legs are what move you.  What you are doing is going and who you are doing it with or for are going to be helpful motivators.

Why: This is the heart of exercise.  It doesn’t matter who it is for, what is happening, where you are, when it is, or how it will happen, unless you have a firm and strong ‘Why’.

Find your ‘why’ and let it motivate you.  Make that the center of your exercise. Do not concern yourself with numbers, pounds, statistics or anything like that, just continue doing what you are doing for your own reasons.

Having a strong why, is like having a well trained heart.  The heart is the muscle that promotes endurance, those with strong hearts can run for longer periods of times without stopping.  Try to get a strong ‘why’, one that will keep you moving even when times get tough.


Article written by Thom, a 22 year old college student studying English at Dixie State.


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