MDK Ball

MDK BallThere is a little known game called MDK ball that is one of the best cardio exercises that I’ve ever done. MDK ball actually stands for murder-death-kill ball, which is an intriguing name, but it actually suits as a good description of the game.

It is a combination of soccer and dodgeball. The object of the game is to be the last one standing. There are no teams, everyone is against everyone. The ball is a soccerball usually, and everyone’s goal is to kick it into the other players. If the ball is kicked, leaves the ground, and hits a player before it hits the ground, then that player is out. There is no catching or blocking; only dodging. If the player catches it or touches it at all he is out. That player has to wait on the sidelines until the player that got him out (the one who kicked it) gets out himself. Once the player that gets you out, gets out, then you’re back in.

The game is a constant fast paced running and dodging and kicking with no rests, unless you get out. Often the game can go on indefinitely since it is seldom that a player will get everyone else out before getting out themselves. The only way to win is to get each player out while never getting out yourself. The more people there are, the harder and more unlikely this is to happen.

The constant running is a great cardio workout. No matter how good of shape your in, if you play a good game of MDK ball you will feel the burn in your legs and lungs. Try it out!

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