Michelle Jenneke is sexy and knows it.

Michelle Jenneke is the most popular thing on the internet right now.  Not because she won the Olympics or anything like that.  She almost qualified for the Olympics; however, 5th place in her regional division wasn’t good enough.  This chick is taking the internet by storm because of her quirky yet sexy pre-race dance routine.


Why does she do this dance?  We have to assume it is because she feels great about having other chicks eat her dust.  In the popular youtube video she only breaks from her bubbly character for about a minute, and that is only so she can crush her opponents in the one hundred meter hurdle race.  After word she is back to her old happy self smiling and dancing and hugging her loser friends.


This is how everyone should be.  At least that is what we think at rise and exercise.


Sexy and knows it

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