Rise, eat 3000 calories, and go biking!

Tour De France Exercise BikeRight now during the famous ‘Tour De France’ all eyes are turned on the amazing athletes venturing to cross the finish line of a more than 2000 mile bike race. If you can bike more than 50 miles at once, you have my applause for being in good shape. 2000 miles (2,131.6 to be exact) is mind blowing. It’s incredible that anyone can accomplish such an extraordinary feat. What we don’t see is the countless hours of practice that get put into this. These bikers don’t go from 20 mile rides to the Tour De France. They work their way up to it just as anyone else has to work up to anything.

What do they practice on? Many of these bikers have exercise equipment in their home that they workout on. However, the problem with most indoor bikes is their inability to simulate real world terrain, including hills, wind resistance, gear changing, etc. However, recently there has been a development of a new exercise bike that has all sorts of bikers from beginner to professional excited. What it is, is a bike that is built to simulate the outdoors It utilizes google maps to measure the terrain of courses from all around the world. The bike has a built-in incline and decline system that allows it to simulate hills. It also calculates the user’s weight and the speed to factor in wind resistance. All this together makes this one of the most advanced bikes ever developed and most certainly a favorite among bikers.

For long distance bikers it’s not easy to plan routes all the time, with many routes taking days and weeks to finish. The countless hours of preparation and practice that bikers need to put in to compete well in races makes it hard to keep up with normal life. Especially when these practice runs take them far away from home. This makes it hard for people with busy lives to have a chance in races.

With the Tour De France Exercise bike, the simulation of outdoor biking is so precise that experienced bikers feel well practiced using it, unlike with most other stationary bikes. Lewis Elliot, a professional U.S. Cyclist said this about the Bike, The Tour De France Trainer is incredible because it has a very realistic road feel. In over 20 years of riding trainers, I’ve never ridden anything even close. My favorite features are the Google Maps iPhone application, and that the bike actually rotates up or down based on uphills and downhills. The “Tour De France Trainer” is by far the closest stationary bicycle to the road I’ve ever experienced! Five stars!”

Now bikers can get every bit as prepped for races or courses right from the comfort of their living room. And ordinary people can participate in all the famous races at their own pace and pleasure without leaving home. You can buy it or check out more about it at Proform Tour De France Exercise Bike. If you would like to read reviews, or get a $75 coupon for it, check out Proform Coupons Proform Tour De France Bike.

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