Start With The Heart

This is not a spiritual talk pleading that you go repent and become saved.  Of course, it is very beneficial to your soul if you do that sort of thing, but let’s focus more on what has matter rather than what really matters. I am talking about your body, that carbon based outline that encapsulates your soul. Lets talk about how to get this body of matter to be the shape you want.    Now more of this round stuff. Lets become thin and trim like a line, not like a stick but like a healthy line.  The way to do this, to reshape that tangible matter that contains your soul, is by starting with your heart.


Heart healthEvery morning when you wake up start your day with a bowl of plain oatmeal flavored with almond milk. Oatmeal has been shown to lower cholesterol which will protect your from coronary heart disease, diabetes, and other cardio-related issues.   The almond milk is much more nutritious than other milks. It is packed with vitamin E, which is going to do wonders for your circulatory system and heart. Don’t worry this isn’t breakfast. This is just the pre-workout snack. You do not want to get too weighted down before you even start exercising.  A small amount of food in your stomach will provide a good amount of energy throughout the routine.


After the snack start doing  a routine that you can really push yourself at.  Some people can’t run outside, but they run just fine on a treadmill.  If you are one of those people I would suggest that you look at some treadmills for yourself.  Check out a good friend of mines website .


heart healthIt doesn’t have to be running. Though running is Mother Natures number one workout, you can also try interval training and other aerobic routines.  Just do whatever you can to really get the burn.  If you do not feel it while you are exercising, then it is likely that you are not exercising hard enough.


The reason you want to work your heart is because it is the center of your body.  Having a strong heart increases your basal energy.  That means the stronger your heart the more energy you will have, no more groggy 2 pm feeling.  Having more energy will make future exercises easier, thus leading to long term fitness success.


Reshape your life, become a better person and do this by starting with your heart.


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