Strength Training

Strength isn’t just for making guys look big. Our strength plays a role throughout everything we do each day of our lives, from opening the jelly jar to moving our furniture around to playing outside. It is a very important part of our health and overall well being.

When we are strong, we are naturally more confident with ourselves. At some subconscious level, our “inner animal” tells us if we’re physically bigger or stronger than someone else, we have the right to be in charge. Obviously there are other factors that often overrule this, but never completely. We’re always going to have a bit more confidence around others if we are physically strong. Its part of life.

Building strength helps us be happier. Exercising gives us Endorphins and a feeling of accomplishment. Endorphins are hormones our body creates to dull pain and make us feel happy. If you are ever depressed, a great thing to do is start exercising. It will take your mind off things, and your body will start making endorphins, and your burdens will seem to lift a little bit. As we work toward getting stronger, and start seeing results, we feel a great sense of accomplishment. Our body is interconnected with our mind and feelings and spirit so much that when we improve it, all aspects of our life are benefited. We feel an improvement of our overall self-worth.

Strength also comes in handy when we need to move something heavy, or have to perform some kind of hard physical labor, or when we play sports, in emergencies, or when we need to defend ourselves.

In order to build strength we need to push our muscles. The more we use them and push them, the stronger they get. If we don’t use them they get weak and small. Make sure that you’re doing something every day to build your muscles. You will feel great about it! For a little help, consider investing in some home fitness equipment to help get you in shape.

Good luck! See you next time!

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