Top 3 Benefits of Rebounding

Rebounders are going to seem sissy to some people: standing in one spot bouncing up and down probably giggling like a little school girl.  When you put it that way it seems like they are sissy. But let’s step back, what makes rebounders any more sissy than a treadmill?  Abso-freaking-lutely nothing, that is what.

  • NASA (that space company) says it more effective than running.

NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) gives the rebounder good reviews.  They say it is 65 percent more effective than running, and it isn’t going to be detrimental to any joints or bones.  This means if you are old, crippled, diseased, or otherwise incapacitated in any way this is a great way of exercising without hurting yourself.

Rebounders work through gravitational resistance (G-force), which is probably what made NASA find an interest in them.  This G-doesn’t just affect the muscles though. It affects the whole body, so from head to toe you are going to be looking young and fit.

Not that young.

  • Rebounding creates energy.

Inside your body there are these organs that all work together in what is called the endocrine system.  This is responsible for helping your body regulate hormones, which help to produce energy, maintain cognitive clarity, and prevent you from having radical mood swings.

The G-force actually works the body at a cellular level which is going to reinforce organ’s strength as well as muscle strength.  So, rebounding actually helps to keep your hormones in check and balanced, and that is something no other exercise is going to be able to do.

  • Rebounding promotes overall health.

We talked about the endocrine system and muscles a tiny bit, but there is another thing that rebounding does which no other exercise  has ever even attempted.  The lymphatic system is a series of tubes that runs alongside the circulatory system, and its main function is to strain toxins from the blood.  However to do this there must be external locomotion.

Yeah, you get it, rebounding creates a lymphatic cleanse that cannot be matched.  Unless you have some sort of weird hot-cup-toxin-extract process done.

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