Tramp-boarding the Right Way

Tramp boarding is an underground sport that is usually practiced by skateboarders or snowboarders when they are just goofing around at home. Many people enjoy tramp boarding because it gives them a chance to get on their beloved board with the added benefit of being able to jump higher than ever before.

Skateboarders and snowboarders will likely view tramp boarding in slightly different ways since one sport has a board with bindings for the feet and the other goes without. The main difference between the two types of boards that you could use is the tricks that you will be able to perform with the different boards.

The tricks that you can do with a board without bindings basically reflect the tricks that are done on a skateboard but are usually more exaggerated. There are plenty of flip-tricks with the board rotating freely underneath you.

Tramp boarding without bindings can be a satisfying experience because you can do get double, triple or even quadruple rotations out of the board whereas on a normal skateboard you will likely only get two rotations with a huge effort. This has to do with the board being lighter and lacking trucks which hinder the rotation as much as it has to do with being able to jump higher.

If you want a tramp board with bindings you will be able to practice and perform tricks that are usually done on a snowboard jump. If you have bindings you will probably spend your time doing tricks that involve flips and spins along with grabs.

Skateboarding decks can be used for tramp boarding and this is probably the most common method. You should be careful with old decks however, since rough wooden edges on an old skateboard can quickly destroy the woven mesh that your trampoline or rebounder uses for a jumping base.

On that note, it should be said that snowboards used on a trampoline will likely end in disaster since snowboards are heavier and usually have sharp metal edges. The best method for a tramp board with bindings is probably a snowboard type sled with simple bindings that go over your shoes and a basic hard plastic body.

If you are going to use a skateboarding deck you should take measures to soften up the edges so that they don’t ruin your bouncing surface. One common method involves wrapping your board with duct tape so that the edges are not ever ripping against the wood.

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