Words to Motivate and Inspire

As you meander through your listless life you may be blissfully ignorant to your own physique and physical health. Then out of nowhere you are hit with the realization that you are totally out of shape. Look you’re not a teen anymore, your body isn’t what it used to be, and honestly you probably don’t look good.  Sorry, you have just been chap-slapped with some truth. But before you leave this website in a huff and start browsing for some exercise/fitness sites that are going to coddle your infantile ego, listen to what has to be said.

This could be you, if you weren't so terribly lazy.

Look it’s just you and me. No one is standing over your shoulder watching you read this, there is no reason to be embarrassed.  Let’s be honest with ourselves. Are you completely happy with your physique? Hopefully your answer was no. Yes, the correct answer is NO.  Look, the greatest gift in life is desire.  You should always want to be better no matter where you are at.  It is not some sort of pessimistic way of looking down on yourself, but rather an optimistic view toward progression. Now you thought this blog was going to be hurtful and satirical all the way through, nope just a little bit of a sting in the beginning to wake you up.

Keeping a healthy desire toward physical progression will help to boost that pathetic confidence of yours, strengthen your shriveled muscles, and promote all around health.  The trick is to make the desire a part of who you are.  Motivation can come and go, it is fleeting.  Creating an constant desire within yourself is going to help you maintain that motivation.  Consistency brings changes, not a single exercise a month.  Good luck and stop being a wuss.

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