Exercise Your Back without Breaking It

The spine is one of the most complicated and important pieces in the human body, with only a little skin protecting it from the outside world, we have to keep it together using only our muscles. If there is one vertebrate out of place everyone within your immediate proximity will be able to see that something is not quite right.

Keep your vertebrate inline and in your spine by keeping the muscle in your back strong. Strengthening our back is how we can relieve strain from our fragile spines. By keeping our back strong we will keep our spine intact and we will also improve our posture. Improved posture helps in many different aspects of life.

It will create better blood flow throughout the circulatory system, which will benefit your tissues and organs. It will also give you a more daunting and impressive stature, which is great if you want to be more intimidating, menacing or threatening.

There are many different types of exercises that can be performed with a band, and each will affect different muscles in the body. The first we will discuss is the low standing row. The low standing row is somewhat similar to kayaking back strokes. Position your band low so that it is fastened to the ground or somewhere near your feet.

Grab the handle bars with your hands about at hips height, now extend your arms behind your back mimicking a row sort of motion (hence the name low standing row). This will work the mid portion of your back, which is essential for posture. This can be performed with one arm at a time or two arms at time, depending on what you want to accomplish. Another work out is called the band row seated. Rap the bands around your feet so that it is securely fastened to your toes or shoes. Now grab the handles and slowly pull them back behind your body.

This is a great routine because it can be performed with only an elastic workout band and yourself. If you want to affect the lower portion of your back when doing the band row, fasten the elastic band in a higher position. The elevated position of the band will require lower muscles tension to perform the exercise, simple ergonomics really. Consequently, if you want to work the top portions of your back or your shoulders reverse the order and fasten the band low.

To get the hard to reach center of your back, right around your spinal area try the back fly. Instead of just pulling the bands behind you, keep your arms extended and pull the handles back by pulling your arms to the side of your body.

While having a strong back is important, being flexible is also just as important. Learn more here.

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