Begin Waking Up Early Tomorrow


One of the most important habits that can be developed in the process of true self-mastery and success is the habit of waking up early in the morning.  Of all the many factors that can be controlled and changed, the time that a person wakes up can be modified, although not without a little struggle.


It appears that some people have the capacity for waking up early in the morning; this could be in part to a particular preference that bodies have developed called circadian rhythms.  Circadian rhythms determine whether or not someone is a night person or a morning person, or somewhere in between.


Thus waking up early comes more naturally to some people, and why it is more difficult for others.  However, it is possible to challenge this disposition, and gain control over that aspect of life, although it may be difficult and feel unnatural at first.


This is the first step to self-mastery mind over mattress, the ability to control the time of sleep and the time of waking up.  Learning to do this will require discipline and also an iron will to overcome whatever genetic hand has been dealt to the table.


That being said, as mentioned, the changing of sleep times will definitely not come overnight (no pun intended), but will come after the diligent struggle to change a habit.  The rule of thumb is that in order to change a habit, twenty-one days is needed.


Those twenty-one days may be characterized by drowsiness and a lack of concentration, but will result in a life-changing habit.  That is, it has the potential to change a life if the time is used effectively and productively.


It is true that waking up in the morning gives the illusion of having more time to accomplish all those necessary tasks that are placed before any person.  Unless the actual number of hours of sleep is changed, amount of waking hours remains the same.


However, with a clearer mind and a focused resolve, those crucial morning hours could make all the difference in reaching the standard and raising the bar.  This is what may make the difference between simply completing tasks performing with excellence.


Waking up early, while it may come off as some type of success-book rite of passage, is truly a great way to overcome the problem of low self-mastery.  It certainly will test desire and will.  Waking up early is the first step in a changed life.

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