Metabolic Circuit Training

Metabolic Circuit TrainingHere it is the all in one work out routine that is going to blast that fat, shred those muscles and build cardio like never before. The thing is you do not have to keep your muscle building exercises separate from your cardio exercises any more, and this will consequently burn a huge amount of calories. Calories burn by working muscles right, well a lot of people have trouble using muscle long enough to burn a lot of calories. So the solution was just go running or bike riding, low impact stuff.
Metabolic circuit training is going to step your fitness routines up to level eleven. First warm up by running a bit, any time you do weight lifting you are going to want to get your blood pumping first so you don’t get too light headed. Now find your circuit, if you are trying to build shoulder and pectoral muscle I would suggest: bench press, dumbbell flys, incline bench press, and lastly dips in that order. That is just an example of a routine exercise that could be used in your circuit. Personalize your own for specific health goals.
Here is the trick do ten reps of your bench press then move to your dumbbell flys and do ten of those. After that you go to the incline bench press and do ten… you see the pattern. Once you have gone through the circuit, do it again with eight reps on each one, and then again with six reps.
This is a great way to build muscle and burn fat at the same time. Metabolic circuit training is what the professional body builders do before their competitions to drop all that excess weight they hold while they bulk up.

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