Rock Climbing

If you’ve ever wanted to try an engaging and intense sport, try rock climbing or bouldering. This sport is becoming increasingly popular recently. Young and middle aged people love it. There is something exhilarating about being able to conquer a route up or across a rock face.

The sport is demanding on your whole body, but mostly on your hands, forearms, and biceps. These muscles are what you use to maneuver around the rock walls. After just a short time of climbing it’s common for your forearms to feel unusually tight. This is a good thing. Each time you go you will be a little bit stronger.

There are a lot of ways to exercise to prepare for it, but the most effective way by far is just to go out and climb. Nothing builds your arm muscles like climbing. However some other important muscles that you will be using are your core muscles. Your stomach and sides are used a lot in finding holds for your feet.

Some things you will want to have are a crash pad, climbing shoes, chalk, and obviously ropes and harnesses if you’re using them. The crash pad is to protect you from getting hurt if you aren’t using ropes. Sometimes accidents happen and hands slip or holds break unexpectedly. You will really be glad you had a pad when that happens.

Climbing shoes are almost essential. They aren’t very comfortable, but they help a lot! With them you can jam your feet into small holds and find some grip. They make your feet much more useful.

Chalk comes in handy constantly. Your hands get really sweaty on the rocks, so the chalk dries them out so they can grip the holds better. It makes a big difference.

This would be a great sport to get into. Good luck with it!

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