Step 1 – The decision!

It’s Time to GET UP!

There is a famous saying, “When the time to act has come, the time to prepare has passed.” In any kind of self discipline, a great deal of preparation will be required. This is especially true for our morning exercises.  If we try to make our decision to GET UP at the moment it’s time to get up, how often are we going to FEEL like getting up? Never. To get ourselves out of bed, we have to prepare for that moment BEFORE-HAND. Before we go to sleep, we have to make a determined resolution that we are going to arise at a certain time, and then set our alarm clocks for it. If we prepare ourselves by choosing beforehand, we won’t have to make the decision when we don’t feel like doing it, the decision will have already been made.

Once we’ve gotten ourselves of bed, the world is our limit. Nothing happens until we get ourselves out of our comfortable beds.

Next time, we’ll start with some exercises and stretches we can do, to utilize our precious morning time  most effectively. Thank you for reading! Come back next time!

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