The Beauty of Rebounding for the Elderly

It is pretty apparent that in today’s culture there are a lot of different demographics that people have to cater to. Between little children and college students, there are so many factors that go into designing clothes and other types of everyday items it can be overwhelming.

One demographic that seems to be so very present in certain parts of the country is the elderly. Now, many have come to know the elderly as slow drivers and cranky old people, and there is a lot of truth to those statements. However, this demographic makes up about 13 percent of the population.

With that being said, even though many would have it otherwise, it is important to cater to this demographic as well. That could very well be the reason for senior citizen discounts at restaurants and national parks.

Despite all these perks that senior citizens get purely by virtue of advanced age, there but only a few types of exercise equipment that can be used by these people. Senior citizens need exercise too.

Although there is an excess of elderly folks walking the trails or doing some kind of other exercise such as pickle ball or golf, there is one particular piece of equipment that can do wonders for this demographic. That is the rebounder.

The rebounder is essentially a mini-trampoline that provides an easy, low-impact workout that can be enjoyed by anyone of any age. The exercise is essentially bouncing up and down on a trampoline.

Although this may seem easy, the intensity of the exercise is controlled by how much the user puts into it. For example, for a really intense exercise, the user needs no more than try to jump higher or try to light legs up higher when jogging in place.

This is ideal for senior citizens as there is no preset pace that has to be kept only as fast as can be done safely. What is even better is the fact that many rebounders come with a safety bar that can attached for added safety and stability.

This is more of less the holy grail of exercise for people of this age demographic. There are very few, if any, other types of exercise equipment that offer this many benefits to this particular demographic. It is also great for rambunctious grandchildren who need to lose a little bit of that youngster energy.

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